Julie Conrad Design Studio | Séibühn Postkaart

Séibühn Postkaart

Art direction for the first season of “Séibühn Ënsber” (stage on the lake) at the Esch-sur-Sûre-Lake.

Client: Séibühn Ënsber a.s.b.l.

5 events from May til August 2014.

(Logo design, Photo shoot, Brochure, Website, Activities)

This activity was part of the 2014 campaign to get people’s attention before the start of the actual season:

We asked for people to send in old photographs of the “Stauséi”. In return they received a postcard from “Séibühn Ënsber” with an old photo that two illustrators had drawn on.

Concept: Julie Conrad Design Studiom Ben Els, Claude Mangen

Séibühn Ënsber: Ben Els (Project Coordinator) & Claude Mangen (President)

Artists: Francisca Richards (MIAUSINA) & Linda Dieschbourg