Julie Conrad Design Studio | MUDAM Art Freak Workshop

MUDAM Art Freak Workshop


Client: Mudam


Presentation text by MUDAM:

“Art Freak offers a one or two day workshop with an artist or a designer. The workshops are moments of exchange and production. No previous knowledge required. No material to bring.

This program is for anybody from 13 years on

Tyvek® is Julie Conrad’s favorite material and she puts it at the center of this workshop. It feels and looks like paper but it is much more versatile. It is water- and tearproof, it can be folded, cut, glued, woven, painted or ironed. In this workshop you will explore the possibilities of Tyvek® and, under the guidance of the designer, you will make your own object.

13/12/2014 13h30-17h30

20/12/2014 13h30-17h30″

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