Julie Conrad Design Studio | 99% – Playing a Part

99% – Playing a Part

Illustration and layout of Flyers for “99%” by the theatre collective “Independent Little Lies”.

Sketches by hand, coloring in photoshop with Wacom pen tablet

Client: Independent Little Lies a.s.b.l. & Enjòlit & Excelsior

“Playing a Part is an international collaboration developed by Luxembourgish theatre collective Independent Little Lies, Catalan company Teatre de l’Enjòlit and Italian theatre Teatro Excelsior. Realised within the European program Grundtvig, Playing a Part combines life long learning with theatre in a playful way while exploring issues of multilingualism and minorities. This project has two parts, one purely artistic – the creation of a new theatre play, 99% – and the other artistic, educational and social, namely a series of workshops.

The project takes place in the three partner countries over a period of two years (2014 and 2015), starting with the workshops and ending with the performances of the play 99% and various community actions.”