Julie Conrad Design Studio | Carryme Laptop Sleeve
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Carryme Laptop Sleeve

87,0089,00 (TVA inclus)

You might think I'm a simple envelope, but I am prepared to protect your precious laptop from both scratches and sneaky glances.

Discreet when you carry me, I reveal my colours when opened.
My textile string serves as carrying strap.

I know I don't look like much, but I'm extremely tough!
Take me anywhere. I love to travel or sit in a coffeehouse and get work done.

PS: If you choose me all white, you can buy pens to make me yours and colour me all over.


Part of the UNPAPER *carryme* COLLECTION: Carry-along-objects handmade in Luxembourg of Dupont™ Tyvek®, that are both lightweight and resilient.

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Weider Informatiounen

Weider Informatiounen


DuPont™ Tyvek®


Dark blue bars, Dark blue fade, Dark green bars, Dark green fade, Light blue bars, Light blue fade, Light green fade, Rainbow, White + 2 pens


Medium Laptop (up to 36,5 x 25 x 3 cm), Small Laptop (up to 33 x 23 x 3,5 cm)


100% made in Luxembourg


Julie Conrad