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OH! Open Home / Oppent Haus

Logo Design

Client: OH!

“OPEN HOME – OPPENT HAUS enables citizens to drive social change by opening their house to a refugee and thus become one of the changemakers our society needs.

Why not actively foster the refugee’s integration, the social cohesion by opening your home to a refugee, a refugee family or a resident in need? OPEN HOME creates awareness, informs and puts you in contact with refugees in need of a home. In a second phase, OH! will open it’s services to residents in need of a home.
Today, around 3000 refugees are seeking to start a new life in Luxembourg. Housing is with no doubt one of the biggest challenges they have to face. If it is difficult for a resident to rent a house, it is almost impossible for a refugee.
Refugees under 25 years are especially vulnerable as they do not get enough financial support to be able to pay a rent. Many migrants who are still waiting to be granted asylum also would prefer to live in a family rather than a camp. The living conditions in refugee camps are difficult to endure over a long period of time.
Living together is a proven and powerful integration boost!”