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MUDAM Design Corner

The Unpaper Collection will be part of the MUDAM shop from 15/04–07/09/2015. 

A room divider and a seat have the great privilege to occupy the Design Corner on the left side of the shop.

Thank you Mudam

Here’s the announcement:

Mudam Design Corner

Every term, Mudam Boutique presents new products from young designers.

© Julie Conrad

Julie Conrad

The Design Corner is adorned with wood and Tyvek® with original creations by designer Julie Conrad.

Born in 1988 and a graduate of Créapole (Paris), Julie Conrad lives and works in Luxembourg City where she moved in August 2013 as an independent product designer. From scenography to furniture, Julie Conrad Design Studio works on a wide range of projects for both businesses and private individuals. A project is often initially inspired by the specific nature of materials. By combining the methods of production and use of objects, she aims to highlight new aspects of utility and aesthetics.

The desire to create objects in Luxembourg led to the Unpaper collection, which combines wood and Tyvek®, a plastic material that could be confused with paper.


Photo © Mudam Luxembourg

Mudam Boutique is a museum store unlike any other. While stocking selection of contemporary art literature, Mudam publications and postcards, the shop’s key feature is its outstanding selection of handpicked objects, ranging from original items and gifts to design pieces that cater to each and every taste. The Boutique’s Design Corner is dedicated to creations by young artists and changes on a quarterly basis. It also showcases the work of young local designers.

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